Bronze is a material that is not found in nature in its purest form, generally, it is a copper alloy combined with tin, nickel or aluminum.

Normally this metal is usually orange, although over time a layer of copper oxide is generated, called patina, which protects the surface and prevents deterioration of the internal parts.

For the industrial world, it is mostly used in installations exposed to seawater (desalination plants, oil rigs, ships, maritime energy installations …) due to the great corrosion caused by the attack of salts present in the sea, especially ions Chlorides that in contact with the copper oxide layer form a metal called paracatamite. For this reason, thanks to the resistance to corrosion and wear it is the ideal material for the manufacture of pipes and valves in the industrial world in high seas facilities.


In KTN we are aware of the importance of bronze in seawater systems, so we offer the possibility of building our valves entirely in bronze, adapting our designs so that they can withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

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